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Please note that in this pattern, you may want to load the quilt sideways if you want the skulls going from top to bottom on your quilt.

Also as an added bonus this quilt pattern looks great if you and alternate every other rows direction. (See the second photo as an example)

This Longarm Digital Quilting Pattern Is Available in the formats below.
(If you do not see your longarm quilt file available, contact us.)

.bqm    .dxf    .hqf    .iqp    .pat    .plt    .qcc    .qli    .ssd

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must make an account with us in order to purchase any digital files. This is for your benefit. If you happen to lose or misplace your pattern/files, you can log into your account and access all the patterns/files you've purchased. (Free and Paid) Once you've checked out, a link will be sent to you to download the pattern, OR once you've logged in to your account on Moonkin Stitchery, you will have a downloaded section with all the patterns/files you've purchased. If you do not see an email, please check your spam folder. If the pattern/file is free, check out is still required. As long as the total balance is zero, no payment will be required. The longarm files are only available in the following formats (.bqm .dxf .hqf .iqp .pat .plt .qcc .qli .ssd) DO NOT RESELL or make multiple copies. Patterns and Longarm Files are intended for non-commercial use by home sewers. You are allowed to make quilts and sell finished products on a minor home small business scale as long as credit for the pattern is given as well as use the longarm digital patterns on customers quilts. Thank You!

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