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  • How do I check out / purchase a(n) item?
    In order to check out; you must create an account with Moonkin Stitchery. Doing so will help you access a library of all digital downloads you have purchased. You'll need to log into your account first, then add the products you would like to purchase and check out like normal.
  • How do view/read my pattern(s)?
    Login to your account. Under the digital download section you'll have a list of all your digital files you have purchased. Click on the hyper link and depending on your computer, it will start downloading right away or an additional pop up will appear for you to click on an download your digital goods. Please note you will need Adobe PDF Reader to access digital files for patterns. Adobe PDF Reader is free and available to download from the Adobe PDF Reader site.
  • Why do I have 30-days to download a FREE pattern?
    Our downloadable links expire because we want to have better control of the traffic that is heading/using our website. Usually, other companies only give you a few days to a week to download your items, but we felt a month was a good compromise.
  • I purchased FREE pattern(s) but forgot to download them within the 30 day period, can you resend them to me?
    No. If you had purchased free patterns and forgot to download them within the 30 day period, DON'T FREAK OUT, (lol) you can just add the patterns back to the cart and check out. They're free so no payments are require nor taken, then that way you will get a fresh downloadable link to click on for 30 days. I know this seem harsh but if I spend more time re-sending pattern links to free patterns, that means less free quilt patterns for you all. And that's no fun. BUT if you did purchased a downloadable item and forgot to download it within 30-days, PLEASE send us a email or use the "Contact Me" with your order number and I will gladly send you the paid downloadable item(s).
  • I found a error in your pattern!
    OPPS! If you found an error, I apologize. Please note that we are only human. Althought Moonkin Stitchery Patterns are tested a couple of times and also proof read, we are all human. Sometimes some mistakes can slip by. Please use the Contact Me page and send us an email for us to review. If a correction is needed, we will fix the pattern ASAP and provide an update. Thank You! Once a pattern is update, it will be available for everyone who has purchased said pattern to redownload.
  • I like this ____ pattern, but can I have it in ____ size?"
    Sorry, no. We do our best to offer multiple sizes, but if a single size is only given, then that's all what's available at this time.
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